Planned Parenthood now hiring someone who wasn’t aborted

Posted: December 1, 2011 in

Planned Parenthood Federation of America recently posted a job opening for Vice President of Communications. According to the announcement, it is looking for someone who is “strategic, innovative and experienced,” with the capability of providing “vision, leadership and direction for PPFA’s communications.” (I suppose it’s a given that possible applicants are those who were fortunate enough to be born instead of aborted as children.)

The job announcement informs potential applicants that PPFA “has 83 independent local affiliates that operate more than 800 health centers throughout the United States, providing high-quality services to women, men and teens.” What the announcement doesn’t say is that a big part of these “high quality services to women” are the more than 300,000 abortions performed by PPFA annually.

That’s 300,000 babies killed, and not infrequently dismembered.

I wonder what kind of person would take this job?

Who would aspire to be the “innovative” voice of an abortion-industry leader like PPFA? I don’t remember the position of providing “strategic…vision” for abortion mills being on the option list during career day in high school.

And what does it say about the state of our nation when such a position is openly advertised, as if they were looking for a car salesman or a talent promoter?

Regardless of how much they cloak it with phrases like, “PPFA is the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care provider and advocate,” the bottom line is that they provide no advocate for the 300,000 children they abort each year. As a matter of fact, their scalpels literally separate preborn children from the one certain advocate every child should have at that moment—a mother.

The job announcement also says that the potential Vice President of Communications needs to be someone who “actively engages with elite media to drive PPFA’s mission.”  What is that mission?

Is it to offer a direct, unflinching defense of Roe v. Wade or a just a carefully crafted P.R. campaign for taxpayer-funded abortions at any time, in any place, to enrich PPFA’s coffers?

Regardless, it’s certainly a mission of death. And PPFA is now hiring someone to represent them in that endeavor…in case you’re interested.


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Michael Norton

Michael Norton

Mike Norton, of Colorado – who, along with his attorney work, recently completed his M.Div. degree from Denver Seminary – has been allied with ADF since our second NLA session.  In April 2011, he joined ADF as Senior Counsel on the Sanctity of Life Team.

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