Keep the pressure on the sponsors of polygamy!

Posted: May 31, 2012 in American Decency Association
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The cable channel TLC continues to promote and legitimize polygamy with their show “Sister Wives.”  TLC, with the advertising support of the following companies, is not only condoning an illegal activity, it is undermining the very institution of marriage and family.  It is evident that this program is attempting to loosen taboos and present something abhorrent as acceptable and just a “normal” lifestyle.

Encouraging advertising statistics:  of the more than 40 different companies represented in the ads from the first two episodes of “Sister Wives,” 78% did not return to advertise on this week’s episode.

The latest episode was sponsored by new advertisers Panera Bread, Sears, Disney, Outback Steakhouse, Lipton tea, All detergent, Wisk detergent, and others.

The following returning advertisers have continued to sponsor “Sister Wives” even after hearing from you and thousands of others.  These “repeat offenders” are:  Burger King, Bissell, Geico, Pinnacle Foods (Vlasic pickles, Duncan Hines), Pfizer products (Advil, Caltrate, Preparation H), Chattem products (Gold Bond lotion, Allegra, Icy Hot), International Delight coffee cream, Ikea, and Amway.

Click here to send a message to the corporations empowering the legitimization of polygamy with their sponsorship of “Sister Wives.”



We received the following letter from one of our readers who expressed very well our mutual concern about the destructive influence of “Sister Wives.”   Oh, for many more who will passionately express such outrage!


Dear American Decency,


I appreciate you taking on the sponsors of the show “Sister Wives.” I’m concerned about so many things in the media, but the show “Sister Wives” is near the top of my list.  I am actually hearing people describe this show as clean and promoting positive family values! Are you kidding me? Shame on TLC for portraying polygamy as some sort of positive “Leave it to Beaver” light. Has the media become so bad that a show like this would be considered family values?  There is DEFINITELY a connection between those pushing for gay marriage and those pushing for polygamy, and this show has ALOT to do with it. The man, Kody, is paraded as some sort of celebrity on shows like Ellen and the former Rosie show on OWN. Coincidence?  So now we have people starting to push for polygamy, when prior to this show, the idea of polygamy repulsed people and reminded them of older men marrying 10 year old girls and impregnating them by age 14. I’m concerned about the “show” which we all know is not a “show,” but also the political rumblings about making polygamy legal. Of course it if is made legal, it will have to be gender neutral, and then women will be allowed to have multiple boy-toys. By this time I’m not sure if I will really care, because by then I will have moved to another country, Fiji perhaps?  I’m concerned about t.v. “reality” shows that have an agenda to change the culture in a negative way. Do you realize that TLC is actually paying these people, which means this man can afford another “wife” (well, technically, an affair), and produce more children who don’t have a voice in this family? I find this lifestyle to be disgusting, no different than an orgy under the guise of “religion”, but the fact that TLC shows it in a positive light is beyond repulsive. I have tried to contact Discovery Communications to let them know how strongly I feel, but with no luck.






We all should share this writer’s “righteous indignation” over the promotion of something as repulsive as polygamy.  If we are silent, will this abhorrent lifestyle become culturally acceptable?


We strongly encourage you to speak out as this reader has.  Share your concern with family and friends, forward this information, post it on Facebook, and encourage others to also express their disgust to the sponsors empowering this normalization of polygamy.


Click here to contact the advertisers supporting “Sister Wives.”

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