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We don’t often think of Hamas and the US Government as having anything in common. But in recent days, the terrorist organization and the White House have shared a common perspective: an enthusiastic support for the result of the Egyptian presidential election.

Last week, the White House and Hamas were united in their enthusiastic congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Morsi, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood candidate. Morsi had just been elected president, and the Western press had hailed the vote as the first free election in Egyptian history.

But free it was not. In many small towns, election officials turned away Christians from voting because they knew they would vote for the non-favored candidate. In addition, the printer of the ballots claimed he had been paid 800,000 Egyptian pounds to pre-mark nearly 2 million ballots for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate.

However, the candidate should have never been on the ballot. Last year, the Muslim Brotherhood promised to never run a candidate for president, but they didn’t keep their word. They also promised to run candidates in only some of the districts, but they didn’t keep that promise either. That is why the Egyptian Supreme Court dissolved parliament.

Those are just a few examples of how the Muslim Brotherhood made a mockery of the so-called free election. It would have been more appropriate to call it a Hamas-like election.

During the past 16 months, I have often written about how, like Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood would hold a “one man, one vote, one time”. Islamists do not understand democracy. It is completely alien to their DNA, and, by default, against the Sharia law. But to pacify naive governments and press in the West, they felt compelled to hold an election. It will be the last.

Dr. Mohammad Morsi, the newly “elected” Egyptian President, made many controversial statements in Arabic during the short campaign. Here are some of the points he made:

  • Their capital shall be Jerusalem
  • They will honor international treaties, but only if the treaties serve their purpose
  • Sharia should not be feared
  • In his speech after the “election”, Morsi made it clear that he must obey Allah and apply his Sharia
  • The 11 million Christians in Egypt may stay as long as they pay the Jizya (a penalty paid by non-Muslims in an Islamic state)

One of the White House’s most tragic missteps occurred in February 2011 when one of President Obama’s national security advisors testified before Congress that the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization.

After spending thirty years studying Islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, I can only assume that a statement like that would make Hassan al-Banna (who founded the Muslim Brotherhood) and Said Kotob (who co-opted the principals of the Wahhabi Islamic movement into the Muslim brotherhood) turn in their graves.

Muslim Brotherhood SealEven a child can look at the Muslim Brotherhood flag, with the two crossed swords and the words, “Get Ready,” and understand that they intend to destroy any semblance of secularism.

When will the West learn that ingratiating themselves to Islamists in hope of encouraging moderation is pure ignorance? It will ultimately boomerang ever so severely. When that happens, may God have mercy on whatever is left of the West.

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The blog posts that I write are not intended to be pastoral in nature; they are written on behalf of a for-profit entity and don’t represent any of the ministries I’m associated with. Nonetheless, religion and politics sometimes intersect, and it’s inevitable that my writing will sometimes reflect that intersection.

As a trained sociologist who is deeply anchored in biblical truth, I am beginning to wonder about the commonality of current events.

A secular-minded sociologist will view our current period in history as just another time when social and economic forces have conspired to provoke enormous global, political, and economic upheaval.

Conversely, some mystics point to what is known to be the end of the Mayan calendar and expect that a global upheaval is upon us. There is perhaps no society more secular than Australia, and yet, the Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that 1 out of every 10 Australians believe the world will end on December 12, 2012. Amazing!

The dramatic fall of many dictators in recent years, along with the apparent near-future demise of others, has caused some to wonder if the fall of those despots is a preparation for the rise of the ultimate despot.

The Bible indicates that a world-dominating character will rise at some point. That person is often referred to as the Antichrist.

The Antichrist has certain characteristics that appear to fit many past despots, which led some to speculate about Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein, for example. But speculations are not very helpful. Because of contradictory elements within suspected people, it will be very difficult to predict the Antichrist until he actually appears on the scene and identifies himself publicly.

The Antichrist will show up at a time when there’s true global, political, social, and economic upheaval. And people will believe that he is the only one capable of solving those seemingly insurmountable problems.

He will be charismatic and affable, and he’ll mesmerize people everywhere. Even those normally at odds with each other will be united in liking and following him. He will win global approval by his sheer ability to identify with people of all religions and of no religion at all. Only after he is able to receive adoration from the masses will he reveal his true character and intentions.

The followers of Jesus worship Him out of gratitude for His indescribable love, for his dying on a cross, rising again, and giving them eternal salvation. But ultimately, the Antichrist will demand the worship that is only reserved for Christ. Hence, that is the source of his name, Antichrist.

As current events unfold, believers need to be on their guards. More and more people today, including many churchgoers and professing Christians, view salvation as earthly salvation. A vast majority of people believe that missions should only be about alleviating human suffering in merely physical terms.

The growth of such beliefs, along with the fall of so many despots, makes me wonder. Is this indeed a time of preparation? Is the vacuum now being created so that the antichrist will appear to fill? It gives us something to ponder. It is something to take to heart and be warned about.

In my last blog, Obama’s Religion, I explained the new religion that is taking American churches by storm. That new religion is articulated and exalted by no less than President Obama himself.

The religion adheres to the following belief: “Yes, Jesus is my Savior, but He’s not the only one. Other religions are equally valid and accepted by God. Christianity is one way to God, but not the only way.”

An even greater travesty is that so many well-meaning Christians are buying into that preposterous belief.

Why do I call it preposterous? Because it’s equivalent to believing 2 + 2 = 5. That would certainly be a preposterous mathematical belief, but it’s the same type of argument that adherents of the new religion follow.

They believe that 2 + 2 = 5, and who are you to tell them that they’re wrong? Another person can choose to believe that 2 + 2 = 3. The President of the United States can choose to believe that it equals 100.

Most people would say, “Wait a minute. I know it’s a mathematical fact that 2 + 2 = 4. And my opinion or the opinion of the President of the United States doesn’t matter.”

But the new religion adherents would say, “You have your truth, I have my truth, and someone else may have another. But all paths ultimately lead to the correct answer. To say that 2 + 2 = 4 is narrow-minded and intolerant of others’ opinions. We must insist that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.”

Well, try paying your bills that way. Or, horror of horrors, filling out your tax returns that way. Then you’ll discover how intolerant the IRS can be.

As a worshipper of Jesus Christ as the only way to God, I love everyone regardless of their opinions, ethnicity, language, and so forth. Jesus requires no less of me. I respect all my non-Christian friends and value them as men and women created in God’s image.

But that is very different from saying other religions are as valid as faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus said as much when he claimed, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). I consider myself as familiar with other religions as anyone can be, and I’ve never read or heard any of them claim that salvation is through them alone.

But America’s new religion that many churches promote disavows Jesus’ own words by claiming that you can fill your spiritual gas tank with any liquid and still get where you need to go.

Can you see how wrong, and even dangerous, that can be? For one thing, it creates confusion in the minds of the young and uninformed. But it also creates a vacuum that aggressive and violent ideologies can fill.

History has proven that to be true. Until the middle of the seventh century, northern Africa had a majority Christian population. But then some people began teaching a form of tolerance called Montanism. That view created a vacuum in the minds and hearts of the people, which made it easy for Islamic invaders from Arabia to destroy Christianity in that part of the world.

That is why faithful believers in Jesus Christ must not be lured into falsehoods and become party to the destruction of the Christian faith in our country.

We must lovingly and firmly say, “2 + 2 = 4. Therefore, when Jesus said, ‘No one comes to the Father except through me,’ there can be no dispute.”

For more information on this subject, please refer to my book, The Greatest Lie.

So much has been made of whether Mr. Obama is a Muslim or not. This question persists in spite of the fact that he repeatedly claims to be “Christian.”

This particular conclusion on the part of many has been drawn from his extraordinary sympathies to Islamists and apparent bias that has tipped the scales toward the Muslim world and against Israel. This is something new among U.S. Presidents.

Many point to the fact that he has flown over or near Israel on numerous occasions while on official visits to Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc., but never stopped in Israel.

What most people have failed to recognize is that Obama’s religion is the same religion of a vast growing number of contemporary church-going Americans.

I am one of those people who believe firmly that the very core of America’s greatness and uniqueness is due to the fact that the founding fathers built this country’s foundation solely on the rock of the Christian Scriptures. Anyone who denies this is denying the very nose on their face.

With that in mind, today we find ourselves as a culture being unhinged from that foundation and floating down the river of a new form of polytheism. Today’s modern polytheism is different only in kind from that of Rome in 1st century Christianity.

This is partly because we have a significant part of the population holding tight to that core foundation, they are tiresomely trying to keep the social structure from drifting down the stream of polytheism altogether.

Obama did not invent America’s modern drift to this unique mode of polytheism, he merely articulated it, legitimized it, and gave it his very bully pulpit, but it did not originate with him.

That drift originated in many liberal churches and seminaries and has been followed now by many evangelical mega church preachers.

What is that uniquely American polytheistic drift?

It is the claim by many of those preachers that Jesus is their Savior, but He is not the one and only Savior.

Remember that this was the very dilemma for 1st century Christians. Had they been clever enough, like their 21st century contemporaries, to compromise their faith that way…they would not have been thrown to hungry lions, or boiled in barrels of oil, or dipped in tar to light up Nero’s garden.

Rome’s polytheism was a very generous one, maybe even more generous than our modern day “tolerance”. They were very happy to add another god/savior/higher power, or whatever you may call your divine being, to the list of their idols and gods.

But the sticky wicket was with those thorny Christians and their insistence that their Savior is the only one true God, and there is no salvation or blessing apart from Him, that all other religions are false imitations of the one who left heaven, which He created, died on a cross, and rose again, so that He and He alone can save people from their sins when they turn to Him.

That is what got them into trouble, and that is precisely what most of the founding fathers of America believed. This is why today’s Christians are accused of “intolerance”!

So when Mr. Obama articulates a 21st century American drift into believing that all religions are equal in value (even though he calls himself a Christian), he is in part leading that drift. In doing so he is surrounded by some well-known preachers who, again, claim to be Christians.

That shipwreck of belief has been misleading millions of lost souls and taking them down into a spiritual abyss.

True Christians in America need to learn how to articulate their faith to a very different culture from that of their forbearers.

Screaming that, “we are departing from our foundational truth”, is only stating the obvious.

In future articles I will be defining the issues, to give those of us who are troubled by the effect of this cultural hurricane, the know-how to not only stand for the truth, but to thrive.

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Where Do I Go For Strength

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Max Lucado

Where Do I Go For Strength.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.” Psalm 32:8

Flying into a storm is a dangerous experience. The  temptation is to fly by your instincts, or, as aviators say, “by the  seat of your pants.” But as any pilot will tell you, that’s a  prescription for disaster. If you rely on your feelings and instincts,  you become disoriented, thinking the plane is going up when it’s  actually going down. Thankfully, the instrument panel is set to magnetic  north and can be trusted every time. Letting your instruments guide  you, even when it feels like they’re wrong, helps ensure safety in the  storm.

We all face storms that threaten to confuse and disorient us. It may  be a call from the doctor’s office, a friend who has betrayed you, or a  shattered dream. Those are the times to be especially careful. When you  are blinded by life’s disappointments, don’t trust your instincts.  Flying by the seat of your pants in the storms of life can lead to  despair, confusion, and vengeful responses that make matters worse. God  wants to guide you, and His Word is packed with wisdom and insights for  living. His “Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Ps. 119:105).  Where He leads is always right!

Go to your Bible, and trust God to guide you. He promises, “I will  instruct you and teach you in the way you should go” (Ps. 32:8).

The God who governs galaxies And  makes the thunder roar, Gently guides my little craft With  safety to the shore. —Berg

The closer we walk with God, the  clearer we see His guidance.

Agree with your adversary quickly . . . —Matthew 5:25

In this verse, Jesus Christ laid down a very important principle by saying, “Do what you know you must do— now. Do it quickly. If you don’t, an inevitable process will begin to work ’till you have paid the last penny’ (Matthew 5:26) in pain, agony, and distress.” God’s laws are unchangeable and there is no escape from them. The teachings of Jesus always penetrate right to the heart of our being.

Wanting to make sure that my adversary gives me all my rights is a natural thing. But Jesus says that it is a matter of inescapable and eternal importance to me that I pay my adversary what I owe him. From our Lord’s standpoint it doesn’t matter whether I am cheated or not, but what does matter is that I don’t cheat someone else. Am I insisting on having my own rights, or am I paying what I owe from Jesus Christ’s standpoint?

Do it quickly— bring yourself to judgment now. In moral and spiritual matters, you must act immediately. If you don’t, the inevitable, relentless process will begin to work. God is determined to have His child as pure, clean, and white as driven snow, and as long as there is disobedience in any point of His teaching, He will allow His Spirit to use whatever process it may take to bring us to obedience. The fact that we insist on proving that we are right is almost always a clear indication that we have some point of disobedience. No wonder the Spirit of God so strongly urges us to stay steadfastly in the light! (see John 3:19-21).

“Agree with your adversary quickly . . . .” Have you suddenly reached a certain place in your relationship with someone, only to find that you have anger in your heart? Confess it quickly— make it right before God. Be reconciled to that person— do it now!