Polygamy: Despite the best efforts of TLC, it still is not normal

Posted: June 21, 2012 in American Decency Association
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Written by Chris Johnson

Another week, another episode of Polygamists are People Too (AKA Sister Wives) on the Normalizing Offensive Things Channel (AKA TLC).

This week’s episode featured the odd family doing normal family things in front of a camera to prove that they are just like everyone else and that their lifestyle should be accepted by society. Actually, that is a pretty good synopsis of the whole show.

TLC pulls out all the stops as it continues to portray the repulsive concept of group marriage as something “normal” and acceptable.  And several corporations are digging in their heels as they continue to sponsor “Sister Wives.”

Take Action!  Click here to send a message to the corporations empowering the legitimization of polygamy with their sponsorship of “Sister Wives.”


Repeat advertisers include:  Burger King, Subway, Sargento cheese, Jeep/Chrysler, Unilever products (Suave, Lipton), Chattem products (Gold Bond, Cortizone 10), AT&T, Comcast Xfinity, Mazda, and Resolve carpet cleaner.


Burger King has advertised on every single episode of this season’s “Sister Wives.”  The Tennessee based company Chattem, Inc. has also sponsored nearly every episode -advertising a variety of their products such as  Gold Bond, Allegra, Icy Hot, Cortizone 10.


These corporations need to hear from us repeatedly.  Our persistence will demonstrate that they will risk alienating potential customers by choosing to support controversial themes.


One company, Pfizer, seems to have gotten the message.  Pfizer was becoming a hardcore sponsor of “Sister Wives,” advertising their products for four weeks in a row – May 13, 20, 27, June 3) – even after hearing from many of you.  However, after repeatedly receiving “take action” messages each week from thousands of our readers, Pfizer has not advertised since June 3.

The following demonstrates how TLC uses innocuous behavior to portray evil as good.

In this week’s episode Kody took his first (but not favorite, of course) wife on an awesome vacation to Mexico where they climbed a pyramid, swam with dolphins, and rappelled to an underground lake. The rest of the wives, of course, were fine with it because he hadn’t done much for her birthday or their anniversary.

Since he usually takes whichever wife has a birthday or anniversary on an overnight trip, but hadn’t been able to this year, a week on the beach in Mexico is a rough equivalent. Apparently, at least, it’s the same in his mind, the minds of the wives who didn’t get to go, and the kids who saw their dad showing favoritism to the one that, odds are, isn’t their mom.

I have to wonder if people actually think this show is an accurate representation of “plural” families. The Browns have made it perfectly clear that they are trying to paint a pretty picture of the polygamist lifestyle, so when the wives say, “no, I don’t mind if he takes her to the ocean for a dream vacation and leaves the rest of us behind,” I find that rather hard to believe.

The cameramen also were sure to interview one of the guides on their vacation who had been shocked to learn that this was no normal couple, but that there were three more “wives” at home. The guide said exactly what you would expect someone who had a camera stuck in their face and were asked what they thought of the subjects of the TV show – something along the lines of, “they were nice and fun.”

The second half hour episode was a question and answer time with the husband, the wives, and the teenagers. They answered many of the questions everyone has been dying to know like, “are people in Las Vegas more judgmental than people in Utah?” and “how does Kody do his hair?” Unfortunately no one asked the question that’s been bugging me: is Kody related to the Geico caveman?

The answer that TLC couldn’t wait to air – you could tell because they advertised that it was coming up no less than three times during the episode – was to the question, “what does Kody take to keep all those women happy in bed?”

After sending all the teens out of the room for some reason (read – to tease out the suspense) Kody showed that he had higher morals than the audience because he would never discuss such a question among the family, let alone in front of an audience.

Vapors! Not only are polygamists normal, but they have higher morals! At least once you get passed the whole multiple wives thing.

Click here to send a message to the corporations empowering this promotion of group marriage.


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