Crossing Over: “Here’s How You’ll Know.” by Leigh McLeroy

Posted: September 11, 2012 in The High Calling
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And Joshua said, “Here is how you shall know that the living God is among you and that he will without fail drive out from before you the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Hivites, the Perizzites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, and the Jebusites.”

What could be more reassuring during times of great change than to know without a doubt that God is with you? As the Israelites prepared to cross over the Jordan and into the land of Canaan, they listened to Joshua, who brought them a word from the Lord. God knew that they would face challenges west of the Jordan that would threaten their faith. After all, the land “flowing with milk and honey” was also full of less-than-friendly inhabitants!

To encourage them and fortify their faith, God demonstrated his power in the river. He didn’t just get them across. He got them across in a way that showed them he was a God of great power and might—one whose commands superseded even the forces of nature! Later, when they were face to face with hostile armies, they could recall how their God cut off the waters of the Jordan before them, and stood the flowing river “in one heap” so that they could pass. How could they know for certain he would be with them? Because he was with them up to, and through, the river. How could they know he would deliver them? Because he had shown himself able to deliver in the past.

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: When you face a daunting challenge—professionally or personally—what is your usual focus? The nature of the challenge itself? Your own measured abilities or deficits? How might your faith be strengthened in challenging times if you first considered your history with God?

PRAYER: Dear God, help me to remember that you are with me and well-prepared for any change or challenge I might face. Whether it’s the fear of the unknown or all-too-visible opposition or something as daunting as a high river at harvest time, you are able and in control. I can be certain of your presence and power because of what you have done in the past. Lord, help me to remember that while my circumstances change, you are the same yesterday, today, and forever. The world may value independence and personal power, but quiet dependence on you is my source of strength. You are the one who is able to do more than I can ask or think. Keep my eyes fixed on you, Lord.  Amen.

P.S. by Mark Roberts: At certain times throughout the year, I invite others to write a few Daily Reflections. This week’s reflections will be written by Leigh McLeroy. In addition to being a dear friend of mine and of The High Calling, Leigh is a writer, speaker, and a Christian with deep insight into Scripture and the Christian life. Her most recent book is Treasured: Knowing God by the Things He Keeps. I know you will be encouraged by Leigh’s reflections on Joshua 3-4. I’ll be back with you on Saturday.


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