NBC on the homosexual soap box

Posted: September 13, 2012 in American Decency Association
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Yesterday we alerted you to the latest offensive NBC show, “The New Normal,” created and produced by Ryan Murphy. While the show works to legitimize homosexuality and the gay agenda, it also focuses on berating traditional values with their caricature portrayal of conservatives as racist, bigoted, homophobes.

Last night NBC aired a second episode of “The New Normal,” hoping to build an audience following Monday’s pilot episode.
The good news is that the ratings for the premier episode were mediocre at best and ratings for Tuesday’s second episode remained flat. However, mainline advertisers are getting behind this concerning show. Sponsors include Olive Garden, Arby’s, American Express, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and Volkswagen. Arby’s and American Express advertised on both episodes.
Take Action! Click hereto contact the sponsors of last night’s episode of “the New Normal.”
If you haven’t yet sent a message to the advertisers from Monday’s pilot episode (from our Tuesday email alert), click here to contact those advertisers.
While of course most entertainment writers are fawning over a show that promotes homosexuality and lampoons conservatives, some reviewers have shed light on the agenda of “The New Normal.”
A review by Newsday stated this:
… Loosely based on creator Ryan Murphy’s (“Glee”) own life, he said at the recent TV critics’ press tour that “the show in many ways is about tolerance, and I think it’s about a discussion of tolerance.”  Indeed, it is. Yet, to a certain extent, this discussion is one-sided. Murphy wants to punish the haters — the bigots and homophobes of the world who are blinded to what real love is. That’s his right, of course, but it does tend to make tonight’s pilot less a comedy than a manifesto. Ellen Barkin’s character is the object lesson here. Like Sue Sylvester (or Archie Bunker), she’s full of gall and bile, and says hateful things about gays and even her own daughter. She tells Goldie, “I thought your mother was a fibroid tumor, and by the time I figured it out, she had a face, and I was screwed.” At this point in the discussion, you’re supposed to realize that those who think they’re normal — Jane — are really the abnormal ones.  Instead, you’re likely to just recoil.
…”The New Normal” needs to take a deep breath, get off the soapbox …
A writer for NewsBuster commented:
From the twisted imagination that spawned the pro-gay high school show “Glee” comes another new sitcom that is poised to take the gay agenda even further. Aptly-named “The New Normal,” the show depicts a gay couple’s quest to have a child via a surrogate mother and the awful conservative grandmother who dares oppose them.
The show premieres on NBC in September, but it already shows the stamp of its conservative-hating creator Ryan Murphy. The show sets up a typical TV comparison. The gay couple in the show is portrayed as loving. And the “small-minded” grandmother who is against her granddaughter serving as their surrogate mom has “Callista Gingrich” hair, is a “bigot” and must be from the South. Throw in pro-Obama comments and you have a show.
The Denver Post, while praising the show, also reveal’s the true purpose of the show:
Calculated to infuriate more traditional viewers, Ryan Murphy’s “The New Normal” puts gay parenting and surrogacy front and center …
… it blows past any vestiges of repressed ’50s tradition.
Last night’s episode featured conservative “Nana” spouting more racist, vulgar comments portraying conservatives as homosexual-hating bigots. In addition to defaming traditional values, “The New Normal” attempted to paint our nation’s Founding Fathers with the same brush stroke.
When “Nana” sees a picture taken of the gay couple with President Obama, she states: When I was a girl we studied presidents who owned people like this president.
Additional concerning elements included scenes in a gay bar, with close up shots of two men kissing.
As we stated yesterday, if we do not defend God-ordained normal marriage and family, the “abnormal” will become accepted. Shows such as “The New Normal” which indoctrinate millions of viewers do have great power to influence thinking within our undiscerning culture.
Please stand with us in urging advertisers not to sponsor a show “intolerant” of the traditional family values held by millions of their potential customers.
Take Action! Click hereto contact the sponsors of last night’s episode of “the New Normal.”
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