Guard your family from Glee

Posted: September 19, 2012 in American Decency Association
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The cultural waters our youth are swimming in are more than murky – a more apt description would be raw sewage. It’s hard to think of even one network television show that offers positive examples to viewers.

There is one wildly popular show watched by millions of teens, preteens, and adults which, on the surface, would seem fairly innocuous. The program is “Gleeon the Fox NetworkGlee garners millions of viewers each week who tune in to watch this show about a mixed group of high-schoolers who are part of a modern-day glee club. Included with typical high school drama are entertaining song-and-dance numbers.
It sounds rather harmless, right? Think again. Glee is about as far from a “Sound of Music” production as you can get. Glee is often edgy, erotic, and extremely popular with youth – both teens and preteens. And that is why the show is especially concerning. For mixed with the catchy vocal production numbers are sexualized themes and secular humanist propaganda indoctrinating viewers.
Take Action! Click here to send such a message to the sponsors that empower the messages of Glee. Advertisers included: Kraft, Subway, Procter & Gamble (Bounty paper towels), Macy’s, Sprint, Ford, and AT&T.
The fourth season of Glee premiered this past Thursday evening, introducing a new male student to the cast of characters which includes two openly homosexual teen boys whose lifestyle has been positively featured over the years. This new student just happens to be a cross-dressing, makeup-wearing transsexual. But of course that barely raised an eyebrow among the show’s characters because, as one student stated, they’re “all about diversity and acceptance.”
And that is the message preached by Glee and producer Ryan Murphy – acceptance of any lifestyle and behavior no matter how perverse. Unless you’re a Christian or hold conservative beliefs, of course – since there’s absolutely no tolerance of traditional values on Glee.  For in Murphy’s world, morality and purity are what’s considered “perverse.”
(To read more about Ryan Murphy’s agenda, click here to see our report regarding his new NBC show, “The New Normal.”)
Each week millions of teens and preteens tune in for Glee and are subtly plied with such indoctrination leading young people to accept and approve of immoral lifestyles all in the name of “diversity and tolerance.”   How many Christian young people – and adults – are entertained by a show that gives approval of what God calls “debased” in Romans 1?
Romans 1:32 states: “Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” This verse seems to speak not only to those who “practice” such immorality (such as the openly gay Ryan Murphy), but also to those who “approve” of it. Doesn’t it seem that being entertained by shows that legitimize perversity falls into the category of “giving approval” of it?
Each of us is called to place “no wicked things before our eyes” – even if it is couched in the form of an entertaining, seemingly innocent, television show.
However, not only does scripture tell us to avoid such evil, it also commands us to expose the darkness to light. One way to do so is to let advertisers know you will not support companies that sponsor shows which undermine your values.
Click here to send such a message to the sponsors of Glee.

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