NBC’s New Normal – Christian haters

Posted: September 19, 2012 in American Decency Association
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In the guise of a 30 minute sitcom, last night “The New Normal” delivered a pulpit-pounding sermon taken straight from the LGBT doctrine of the gay agenda.
“The New Normal,” a new show on NBC, centers on two homosexual men who want to have a baby; a young woman, “Goldie,” the surrogate carrying a baby for them; Goldie’s 9 year-old daughter; and Goldie’s conservative, Christian, bigoted, racist, grandmother.
The premise of the show is to demonstrate how loving and enlightened the gay couple is and how mean-spirited, intolerant, and hate-filled are those who oppose the legitimization of homosexuality and the gay agenda.
Advertisers include: JC Penney, Best Buy, Burlington Coat Factory, Air Wick, Allegra D, and returning advertisers include Campbell’s Soup/V-8, Arby’s, American Express, and Kia.
These four repeat offenders have advertised on all three episodes of “The New Normal.” In addition to their soup products, Campell’s soup has advertised some of their other products, including V-8 juice and Pepperidge Farms snacks.
Click here to send a message to the sponsors empowering this offensive show.
The show seems to relish portraying Nana, the homophobic conservative Christian grandmother not only as a bigot, but also as a hypocrite to her own beliefs. In the first episode she made reference to wishing she had aborted her own daughter –“I thought your mother was a fibroid tumor, and by the time I figured it out, she had a face, and I was screwed.”
In this episode she catches her 9 year old great-granddaughter kissing a 4th grade boy and takes both children to Planned Parenthood to get condoms for the boy and birth control pills for the 9 year old girl.
However, depicting conservatives as intolerant hypocrites is only the first point in NBC’s sermon. Point #2 gives the message that those who hold a view of homosexuality as an immoral lifestyle are therefore bigots who hate homosexuals.
Interspersed with the lovey-dovey scenes of gay men kissing and referring to each other as “honey,” viewers are taught that those who object to such displays are hate-mongers.
When Bryan and David, the gay couple, are kissing in a clothing store, they are confronted by another male shopper, who is with his wife and young daughter.
The shopper tells the kissing homosexual couple:
“Would you mind not doing that in front of my daughter – kissing another man.   … This is a family store and I shouldn’t have to go home and explain that to my kid.” … “Look, I don’t care what kind of crap you do in the privacy of your own home, but don’t bring it in here.”
Bryan: “Explain what, sir? Love?”   … Thanks for your intolerance and your bigotry and for fostering this ignorance in another generation.”
Shopper: “I’m trying to protect my family, here.”
Bryan: Well, we’re having a family, too.”
Shopper: “Well, that’s disgusting. I feel sorry for that poor kid.”
This scene is played out portraying the traditional family as mean-spirited and intolerant, while the gay couple is shown as the victims of bigotry and hate. As Bryan’s eyes fill with tears, he sobbingly exclaims: “How are we going to protect our child from hate?”
Later Goldie, their sweetly-portrayed surrogate, comes to their defense, stating: “If only these ignorant people with all this hate in their hearts could see you like I do.”
Our faith teaches that certain lifestyles, practices, and behavior are morally wrong – i.e. immoral – which infuriates those in the entertainment industry who want their lifestyle validated. Hollywood cannot tolerate traditional, Christian values which truthfully labels such lifestyles as sinful, and so in the most blatant example of bigotry, shows such as “The New Normal” portrays Christians and conservatives as the intolerant ones because we won’t put a stamp of approval upon behavior that God calls “debased.”
The entertainment industry is a mighty force in shaping the views of millions of Americans, but “might” doesn’t make right. And while they will continue to try to tell us that immorality is “the new normal” we will continue to stand for the changeless Truth of God’s Word which will stand for all time.
Defend truth by sending a message to the corporations empowering the false teaching of “The New Normal.”Click here to send your letter now.
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