We’ve given great warning to parents in the past regarding the explicit and degrading themes on the teen-driven show Glee. Glee’slatest episode, which aired this past Thursday, was one of the most concerning yet.

The episode, entitled “Britney 2.0,” was a revisit to the Britney Spears theme from Glee’s season two Season premiere episode.  As you probably know, Glee centers on a high school glee club and each week a certain theme is introduced which is the focus of song/dance performances by the Glee club members interspersed with typical high school drama and angst.
If you know anything about Britney Spears’ illicit antics, pornographic music videos, and explicit song lyrics, you can get the idea about this episode. One erotic song after another performed “Britney-esque” with, vulgar lyrics and dance moves explicitly simulating sex acts.
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Remember this show is geared towards a teen audience and is widely popular both with teens and pre-teens. Keep that in mind as I give you a couple of examples of what aired on this episode of Glee.
One graphic song performed by the high school characters on this episode was the Britney Spears’ song “Three” with lyrics promoting three-way sex while telling kids that “living in sin is the new thing.” Here are a few of the lyrics:
… Merrier the more, Triple fun that way, Twister on the floor, What do you say?
Are – you in, Livin’ in sin is the new thing, … Countin’ 1, 2, 3, Peter, Paul & Mary
Three is a charm, Two is not the same, I don’t see the harm, So are you game? …
Lovin’ the extreme … You and me, Or three, Or four – On the floor!
Later, one character says: “I had my first three-some at (age) 7.
Another number performed to a Britney song featured an extremely lewd so-called dance, filled with graphic moves simulating sex acts, a male dancer groping a female and grabbing her crotch, etc. And yet another performance featured a high school girl in a skimpy costume wearing a bra-like top gyrating on the school stage for a school pep rally. The song she performed included repeated the word “b—ch.”
Glee also features two homosexual characters who have been in a “romantic” relationship; a new transgender student – he/she goes by the name “Unique; and a bi-sexual female student who began a lesbian relationship with another female student last season. One of these two bi-sexual/lesbians is now off to college while the other is still in high school. As they were talking long distance over a webcam via Skype, one asks the other if she has time to “Scissor Skype.” “Scissor Skype” is urban slang for two lesbians simultaneously masturbating in front of a webcam during a Skype session.
These few examples certainly should prove that Glee is not fit for family viewing. Yet millions, including Christian families, tune in each week!   And as they do, along with the catchy performances, they are catching the immoral value system put forth by the creator of Glee.
Take Action! Clickhere to contact the advertisers of Glee. Your letters do make a difference!

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