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Posted: October 13, 2012 in American Decency Association
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Months ago we were a part of a significant simulcast called “One Nation Under God.”  By now, most of you have heard of this. And, many of you have ordered it.

It was video-taped last October in Orlando, Florida for the express purpose of informing, educating and stirring hearts and minds for Christ and His Kingdom principles with the purpose of helping people throughout America “understand the times in order to know what to do.”

The DVD includes powerful messages from persons such as Dr. Jim Dobson, David Barton, Lila Rose, and, yes, even Newt Gingrich who has a distinctive message regarding American history.  It is two hours in length.

One individual from southern Florida was so enthused that she asked a local movie theater to show it. She took multiple copies of the DVD that she received from us and distributed it to pastors and others throughout her area.

Just last night we heard of a local church showing “One Nation Under God” to a Wednesday night service and people were talking about it the next day.

“Why Christians Must Vote. We took the last 30 minutes of the DVD – “One Nation Under God” with David Barton, the presenter, and entitled it   “Why Christians Must Vote.” It is a very effective short video that documents what happens when Christians vote and what happens when they don’t vote their Biblical values.

We also continue to make available the 93 minute DVD “Agenda: Grinding America Down.”   I can’t overstate the significance of this DVD as so many that have seen it have been moved to tears at the truth telling power of this DVD. Because of the significance of the message  we asked the producer Curtis Bowers to be one of our featured speakers at our conference this past summer.   He received a standing ovation!

Friends: We can take these important messages and share them in our churches, in our Sunday School classes, small groups, with our families. This is something we each can do in these days of significance!

Lastly, I would urge you to do as many others.  Check out our video folder by clicking on video on our red banner at the top of our web page at

You will see some of the messages referenced above and more.   This came at the urgings of our friend from Southern California who asked us to place these DVDs on our webpage so churches could readily encourage their congregations during their Sunday School hours, midweek services, etc..

Please also note the 3 minute video clip entitled “Test of Fire”. It is a well-done informational piece that many are using to stir people to vote.

In addition, check out “Voices Without a Vote.” Lastly, we have just put up a video clip from Bishop EW Jackson . It is entitled

Bishop Jackson’s message to Black Christians.

Check out Wallbuilders state by state voter’s guide below.

An apology to those of you looking for our updated advertiser results for programs such as “The New Normal”, “666 Park Park Avenue” and others. We have one staff person out on a short term mission to Brazil and another dealing with family health issues.  We’ll be back at it again next week!


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