Steven Tyler’s Ex-Fiancée Reveals How Their Abortion ‘Nearly Destroyed’ Them By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Pro-Life, The Christian Post
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The ex-fiancée of Aerosmith frontman and American Idol judge  Steven Tyler will speak at the Life Legal Defense Foundation annual dinner to  share her story about how the couple aborted their child in the 1970s; a  decision that she says “nearly destroyed them.”

Julia Holcomb said in preparation of the Nov. 17 dinner due to take  place in Santa Clara, California: “I pray that all those who have had abortions  or have participated in any way in an abortion procedure may find in my story,  not judgment or condemnation, but a renewed hope in God‘s steadfast love,  forgiveness and peace. Marriage and the family are the building blocks of all  virtuous societies. I pray that our nation may find its way back to God’s plan  by respecting the life of unborn children and strengthening the sanctity of  marriage.”

The LLFD notes that Tyler himself has admitted his regret over the abortion  decision in the book Walk this Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith.  Holomb began living with Tyler when she was only 16 while he was 27. Together  they experienced hardships that led to Holomb having an abortion, which Tyler  admits “really messed (him) up.”

“It was a big crisis. It’s a major thing when you’re growing something with a  woman, but they convinced us that it would never work out and would ruin our  lives. . . . You go to the doctor and they put the needle in her belly and they  squeeze the stuff in and you watch. And it comes out dead. I was pretty  devastated. In my mind, I’m going, Jesus, what have I done?” the singer writes in his autobiography.

Holcomb only recently came out publicly about her experience, after she  converted to Catholicism and joined the “Silent No More” organization of women  who have regretted their abortions. She uses her experience to help young women  who have suffered sexual exploitation or faced “the tragedy of abortion.”

In her testimony, which she published online, Holcomb shares with readers many aspects  of her life with Tyler and the family drama that threatened to split them apart,  as well as the devastating fire in 1975 that burned down their home and left  Holcomb in a hospital suffering from damage to the lungs. All those issues were  factors that contributed to the young couple opting for an abortion when she was  five-months pregnant.

However, after they separated, Holomb notes that the Aerosmith frontman went  on to say many negative things about her in his book, presenting her more as a  sex object than a real human being.

“In spite of everything, I do not hate Steven Tyler, nor am I personally  bitter,” Holcomb insists in her testimony. “I pray for his sincere conversion of  heart and hope he can find God’s grace. I know that I am also responsible for  what happened that day. Someone may say that my abortion was justified because  of my age, the drugs, and the fire. I do not believe anything can justify taking  my baby’s life. The action is wrong. I pray that our nation will change its laws  so that the lives of innocent unborn babies are protected.”

The LLDF have welcomed Holcomb’s testimony and said that her story can be  seen as a positive model for change and redemption.

“The Life Legal Defense Foundation stands up for those who speak out to save  innocent lives and prevent women from experiencing suffering as Julia Holcomb  did following her abortion,” said Dana Cody, Executive Director of the Life  Legal Defense Foundation. “Julia’s story is cruel and tragic, but she has turned  her sorrow into a force for positive, life-saving change. LLDF is pleased to be  able to provide an opportunity for her to encourage and motivate those who are  fighting to prevent the kind of horror that she lived through.”


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