Obama Steps Up Abortion, Contraception Rhetoric to Win Back Women Voters By Paul Stanley , Christian Post Reporter

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Pro-Life, The Christian Post
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The Obama campaign team has made it clear they are going to focus  on recapturing some of the women’s vote that has drifted to Mitt Romney since  the first debate. An ad that is now running in a key swing state says that Romney would overturn Roe v. Wade  and that is just one example of what voters will probably see more of in the  next 18 days.

Polls taken in September showed Romney picking up steam with blue-collar,  Republican leaning women who have lately been labeled “Wal-Mart Moms.” Yet when  the former Massachusetts governor began cutting into the more educated women  voters who tend to lean Democratic, that’s when Obama’s team leapt into  action.

ABC/Washington Post conducted a survey of women over the last two weeks that  has found Obama falling behind Romney among college-educated females – a group  that the president captured easily in 2008.

A more recent Gallup survey released on Thursday found Romney maintaining a  52-45 lead over Obama among likely voters, contradicting another ABC/Washington  Post poll on Oct. 15 that showed Obama with a 49-46 lead over Romney.

Yet another USA Today/Gallup poll taken in 12 key swing states and released  earlier this week found the two candidates in a dead heat among women voters  with Romney leading 54-42 among likely male voters. These types of numbers have  given the Obama team cause for concern.

But immediately after debate number two, Obama’s talking heads brushed past  foreign policy and oil and what was or wasn’t said in the Rose Garden. David  Plouffe wasted little time in defining where their campaign election strategy  was headed.

“I thought the exchange on women’s health issues was very important,” he  said, “not only for tonight but for the next 21 days.”

One of the most obvious examples came in an exchange the two men had about  Planned Parenthood during Tuesday night’s debate when Obama accused Romney of  planning to strip Planned Parenthood of government funding and for not answering  questions about making it easier for women to sue over discrimination.

Now the Obama team is running an ad in swing states saying that Romney would  “be delighted” to sign a bill making abortion illegal. What it doesn’t say is  that Romney believes a ban on abortion is “not where America is today.”

The ad will run in Virginia – a highly contested battleground state.

“If Roe v. Wade was overturned, Congress passed a federal ban on all  abortions and it came to your desk — would you sign it? Yes or no?” ask the ad,  which shows Romney saying, “I’d be delighted to sign that bill.”

Amanda Henneberg, a Romney spokesperson commented on the ad.

“President Obama’s campaign continues to mislead voters in a desperate  attempt to distract from this president’s failed economic record. Five and a  half million women are struggling to find work in the Obama economy, and they  are suffering from record unemployment under this president.”



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