Chinese Officials Force Abortion on 6-Month Pregnant Woman by Kat Lewis

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Pro-Life
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Shandong Province, Zibo City – The first week of October should be the happiest time for Chinese citizens, a celebratory holiday marking the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.  For Qiao Ping’an and his wife Song, however, the week was marred by an injustice that led to a double tragedy—a mental breakdown and a death.

On October 2nd, Song was alone in her home in Zibo City (Gaoqing County, Heilizhai Town, Qiaojia Village)  while her family was out in the field bringing in the fall harvest.  A mother of 2 girls and nearly 6-months pregnant with their 3rd child, Song had no reason to believe that she was in any danger.  After all, she had heard nothing from the Family Planning Police about her pregnancy, and it was a national holiday, when no government officials would be working.  Yet, at 5pm that evening, 7 Family Planning officials arrived at her home, took her by force into a vehicle and drove her 100 kilometers away to Dongying Universal Love Women’s Hospital.

At the hospital, the officials violently tied Song down, confiscated her cell phone and stripped all of her clothes off.  Because she was so resistant, they forcibly injected her with a sedative, then pressed her finger to sign the voluntary abortion consent form.  They forcibly injected a needle into her womb with a poison to kill the baby and to induce labor.  After this, they left her naked on the hospital bed and locked her in.

Song’s family was not notified of her whereabouts, and so only arrived at 11pm after it was too late.  While they sought justice at the local police station, they were forced to return to their home while Song remained at the hospital.

On the evening of October 5th, Song gave birth to a dead baby.  However, the loss of the baby was not all—Song herself suffered a mental breakdown from the trauma of her experience.  As a result, she is in a trance-like state of shock and cannot take care of herself.  Her seven-year-old daughter cries every day, asking what has happened to her mother.  Family Planning officials continue to monitor Song and her family around the clock.  There has been no official public apology and no compensation; instead, it has been reported that the Heilizhai Town Family Planning officials immediately sought aid from more senior officials in Gaoqing County to cover up the story.  The victim’s family can be reached at +86-183-6997-1712.


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