An October morning of challenge and perspective

Posted: October 26, 2012 in American Decency Association
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On our webpage are two significant presentations from two leaders of substance, relevance, and courage.

We have just posted the presentation of Professor William Wagner.  His message is entitled “Political Islam, Sharia Law and the American Constitution.”

Click here to see the video.

Wagner speaks with clarity, intelligence and perspective on a subject that too many of us are woefully ignorant of and willfully blind.  We must grow rapidly in our understanding no matter who we elect as our next President.

Here is a very abbreviated bio regarding Professor William Wagner.

Professor Wagner has served as a senior United States prosecutor, litigating hundreds of  federal cases and serving as chief appellate litigation for the Office of the United States Attorney.  Prior to serving in the Justice Department, Professor Wagner served as legal counsel in the United States Senate as chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee of the Michigan legislature.

In addition, from yesterday, as many have already done, view the presentation by Frank Gaffney, President and Founder of Center for Security Policy, Washington, DC.

Here is a taste of the message these men are conveying: 

Under  successive presidencies, the United States has failed to understand, let alone counter successfully the threat posed to its constitutional form of government and free society by shariah.  In the past, such failures were reckless.  Today, they are intolerable.  [Taken from the highly acclaimed “Shariah The Threat to America”’]

In the video you are about to watch, Frank Gaffney provides  pictures of Muslims who have direct ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and who now have high positions within the Obama administration.   Later on in the video Gaffney also indicates there are now efforts being made by the Muslim Brotherhood to find influence with Governor Romney and his campaign.

I give both of these video presentations, my highest recommendation.

You can find them here:

Other resources that flow from this significant event include Gaffney’s book published by Center for Security Policy Press.

You can order it online at our store at:

If you would prefer to watch William Wagner’s and Frank Gaffney’s messages via DVD, it can be ordered online at the link above.

In addition, I urge to watch Frank Gaffney’s  acclaimed training series on the Muslim Brotherhood in America.  This website got me up to speed very quickly regarding the serious threat of Shariah that is advancing silently but surely.   I urge you to watch it.  You need to understand what Gaffney provides on this well done

To those of you who have the ability to download informational programs on your cell phone, computer, or mp3 player, I encourage you to download Frank Gaffney’s daily radio program at:


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