The New Normal’s checklist of Christian bigotry

Posted: October 26, 2012 in American Decency Association
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Portray Christians as ignorant, intolerant bigots. Check.

Depict conservatives/Republicans as racists who care nothing about the poor. Check.
Mock Christ, Christianity, and the Church.  Check.
Promote gay marriage and undermine traditional marriage and family. Double check.
These are the weekly themes of NBC’s “The New Normal.”  The New Normal, as you may recall, is NBC’s new sitcom about a gay couple, Bryan and David, who are having a baby via a surrogate, Goldie. The cast is rounded out by Goldie’s 9 year old daughter as well as Nana, Goldie’s Christian conservative grandmother – which of course makes her character a bigoted, racist, homophobe.
Even some within the liberal media are beginning to call out the use of these tired stereotypical themes in lieu of actual creativity. One writer for the far left-leaning Huffington Post commented: “Shock humor is the only type of humor ‘The New Normal’ knows, and it insists on shoving it down our throats …”
The most recent episode was sponsored by Fisher-Price (Mattel), Kraft Foods, Walt Disney Pictures, Olive Garden, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Revlon, Maybelline/L’Oreal, T-Mobile, and Capital One.
Encouraging news is that after hearing from thousands of you by way of our take action links, a number of repeat advertisers, including Campbell’s soup and Procter and Gamble, chose not to sponsor this episode of The New Normal.
Take Action! Click here to send a message to these corporations empowering The New Normal.
This week The New Normal chose to focus on the third point in the above checklist. Bryan and David decide they should have godparents for the baby they will be raising. Bryan was raised Catholic but states: The only thing I got from the church was a lifelong complex about inferior abs. ‘You’ stare at Jesus through puberty – that guy was ripped.
Bryan visits a Catholic church and while looking at a painting of The Last Supper states: “Twelve dudes sitting around gossiping and drinking wine – you call that the Last Supper? I call it Tuesday night.”
He looks at a depiction of Mary and baby Jesus and says: “Hey Mary, … I’ve also slept in a barn with three wise men.” And then to Jesus, says: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be talking smack about your mother. But you know who judges me? Your Father.”
He’s right about one thing. God will judge each one of us and Ryan Murphy, the creator of The New Normal and whose life the character “Bryan” is said to be modeled after, may want to read Romans 1 and 2 before he faces that judgment.
Yet Ryan Murphy decides if he can’t stop the message of the church, he will use his bully pulpit of a television show to mischaracterize and degrade the church and its leadership. The following dialog portrays the priest as a liberal fighter for “social justice” and the Pope as an intolerant old Fogie. Even worse, the priest talks of Jesus in the past tense as he paints a warped depiction of Christ as nothing more than the Malcolm-X of ancient Israel. He then completely twists and distorts a passage from Matthew 5 where Christ commands us to turn the other cheek and love our enemy.
As the episode continues, Bryan talks with a priest in the confessional.
Bryan: Commandment wise, I pretty much have done them all except kill someone and covet another man’s wife.
Priest: So, you’re gay.   … I get it; I committed my life to a man, as well.
Bryan: … I’m actually talking about an actual man who I actually lay with Leviticus style.
Priest: Well, contrary to popular opinion, being gay isn’t a sin.   … The church is not anti-gay.
Bryan: Yet any chance he gets the Pope treats gay marriage like Amanda Bynes treats pedestrians.
Priest: Oh, the Pope. Come on, haven’t you ever had a lovable old uncle who popped off intolerant comments at a family BBQ?
Bryan: I was raised Catholic. I love the tradition. I love the ritual.   … But you guys don’t accept me.   … Why can’t the church be accepting of all people? You know what, you toss Jesus’ name around, but you don’t exactly practice what he preached because Jesus’ wouldn’t have judged people by their sexuality b/c Jesus loved everyone.  
Priest: … I never bought that that Jesus is a blissed-out hippie crap. That man was a pissed off. He walked into temples, told them they were doing it all wrong, and wrecked the place.   …
Bryan: Well, as true as that might be, he also said turn the other cheek.
Priest: Which didn’t mean lay down and take it. In those days, turn the other cheek was an act of defiance. It meant, I will see your insult and raise you a “suck it.” He saw hypocrisy and injustice and he said, seriously, you guys are idiots. This has got to change.
Bryan: So you’re saying the church has got to change?
Priest: Well it would. I’ve seen gay people battle discrimination and march for marriage equality … Jesus was a fighter, son. How about you? … Things can change – if somebody’s willing to fight for it.
As the episode continues, Goldie’s 9 year old daughter faces the death of her guinea pig. The final twisted message is delivered by 9 year old Shania: “Most people think that death is like this doorway to the afterlife. But the truth is, we don’t know what happens. … Now – ‘now’ is the only thing that’s for sure.”
While Ryan Murphy may be living for “now,” the patient, loving God he now mocks, will not withhold his righteous judgment forever. While The New Normal continues to call evil, good and good, evil – we will continue to lift up the Truth that doesn’t change.
Stand with us! Click here to send a message to the corporations empowering the messages of The New Normal.

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