Sharia, you, me and the next President – revisited

Posted: November 9, 2012 in American Decency Association
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I’m revisiting an email that I sent on October 23 just after the third and last presidential debate. It was important then. It’s importance has been heightened as you will see. If you haven’t availed yourself to the online video and to the other recommended urls, I urge you to do so.
Revisiting below:
Many of you watched last night’s debate that was supposed to be on foreign policy. Though it was sort of – it seemed that both President Obama and Governor Romney didn’t want to get too deep in to it. For various reasons I’m sure.
The President wanted to avoid it because the Mideast is a disaster and in chaos in so many parts of the world: Libya, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc..
Then, of course, there is the President’s desire to avoid discussing his immense failure in regard to protecting his Libyan ambassador and his colleagues. Four were brutally killed in a planned terrorist attack.
Governor Romney seemed to largely want to avoid discussing Libya, Benghazi, etc.
This past weekend American Decency Association (ADA) hosted a conference at the Grand Rapids Hilton featuring two nationally noted experts on the subject of Shariah law.
In today’s email I want to draw special attention to our first speaker. His name is Frank Gaffney. Gaffney is the President of the Center for Security Policy based in Washington, DC.
Today we have placed on our website his message from the well-attended Saturday morning conference. As one attendant said, “I looked over the audience and it was literally ‘jaw dropping’.” These folks were hearing concerning information they had never ever heard before. They knew they were hearing a credible man with incredibly concerning information that one seldom hears about.
We have placed on our website under the video section simply entitled “Frank Gaffney.” In Gaffney’s presentation, he documents how our country’s very security is being threatened by insiders who have made their way into the highest levels of our government in the various branches right up to the White House.
The video gives names and pictures and shows how even the Pentagon and our military have systematically eliminated trainings and teachings of our military that would assist them (and us) in keeping the Muslim Brotherhood from infiltrating our ranks and thereby keep them from influencing our most sensitive security grids.

Our website is: Go to video and click on “Frank Gaffney’s Presentation on Political Islam .”

Other resources that flow from this significant event include Gaffney’s book published by Center for Security Policy Press.
You can order it online at our store at:
If you would prefer to watch Gaffney’s one hour message via DVD, it can be ordered online at the link above.
In addition, I give you my strongest recommendation to watch Frank Gaffney’s highly acclaimed training series on the Muslim Brotherhood in America. This website got me up to speed very quickly regarding the serious threat of Shariah that is advancing silently but surely.   I urge you to watch it. You need to understand what Gaffney provides on this well done site.
To any of you that live within the greater Grand Rapids area, we are featuring the Gaffney presentation at our headquarters tomorrow (Friday, November 9) at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm!!   It’s free of charge.
To those of you who have the ability to download informational programs on your cell phone, computer, or mp3 player, I encourage you to download Frank Gaffney’s daily radio program at:

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