Broken by Patricia Day

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Devotional Christian
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The cookie packet I opened recently, showed no sign of the shattered contents inside.  The cookies, which had been whole and a sweet anticipation, were broken into many pieces.  They were no longer enticing, even though I know that even the small pieces will still taste good; they no longer looked appealing.  I had eagerly looked forward to fresh whole cookies to enjoy with my tea, but all I had were crumbs.

Each human was made perfect in God’s eyes,  when first formed He delighted in our unique wholeness and He continues to do so. As we move through life we too can become broken, as we struggle against the adversities of living on this earth.  We can become physically and emotionally torn apart with everyday living or unhealthy lifestyles and choices.  God must look at us and sigh in disappointment as He reflects on our great beginnings to where we are now.

God gave His Son, a living sacrifice that all who are broken can be made whole.  If we choose to believe this and trust His Word and His guidance, He will repair our broken-ness.

Unlike the cookies, which once broken cannot be repaired – we can rest assured that He can work in us and help us recover.  He will repair our misshapen lives and choices and lead us to a renewed spirit and wholeness that we desperately desire.

No longer broken but once again whole, in spirit and self-confidence we can enjoy a new beginning under Him.

Prayer:  Father, let us come to you when we are heart-broken, injured or crushed in spirit, for you will give us rest and recovery.  Amen.


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