Glee – The systematic propagandizing of immoral lifestyles

Posted: November 14, 2012 in American Decency Association
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Glee – The systematic propagandizing of immoral lifestyles
Two gay lovers; a heterosexual turned lesbian; one transgender male who dresses and acts like a female – even using the ladies public restroom; and a token self-proclaimed “Christian” who berates, bullies, and manipulates those around her.

It sounds like the cast of one of the shows on HBO, FX, or one of the other cable networks we know are filled with salacious programming unfit for family viewing.

However these characters are from the cast of “Glee,” the wildly popular show on the FOX network which centers on a high school Glee club.  Interspersed with the often illicit song and dance numbers is the systematic propagandizing of viewers to accept and approve of immoral lifestyles such as those listed above, while condemning any moral, traditional viewpoint.

Advertisers include:  WalMart, Huggies diapers, Pepperidge Farms, JC Penney, Amazon, Best Buy, Procter & Gamble (Cover Girl makeup), AT&T, Microsoft, Nook, Honda, Subaru, and Walt Disney Pictures.

Take action!  Click here to send a message to the sponsors of Glee.

In the most recent episode “Unique,” the self-named male transgender, cross-dressing student uses the ladies restroom and auditions for and is given a lead female part in the school musical.  The only protest comes from the conservative teacher Sue Sylvester.  The only thing is, Sue Sylvester is portrayed as incredibly vicious, cruel, and bigoted.  The TV audience is programmed to cheer for the cross-dressing transgender student and jeer at Sylvester and her “intolerant” machinations.   So the lesson to viewers is that anyone who opposes the promotion of LGBT lifestyles within the public schools must also be an intolerant bigot.  In other words, “don’t be like nasty Sue Sylvester – be “tolerant” and accepting of any and all lifestyles, no matter how perverse!

And while  most parents would be outraged about a male student using the girls’ restroom or locker room in their daughter’s high school – no matter how “gender-confused” he is – this is the path we are on today!

Yet this is what today’s youth are indoctrinated with.  One friend of this ministry who lives in our community stopped by our office recently.  He had read our article about Glee in one of our recent newsletters and was greatly concerned.  Sitting around a campfire with his grandson he discussed this troubling show and was grieved to learn his own grandson is a fan of Glee.

Sadly, the influence of the world has crept into many Christian families.  Oh for Christian moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers who will lovingly, yet boldly, speak out within their own families to oppose the lies that today’s youth are bombarded with.

How deep is the darkness, but how great is the light from just one small flame at dispelling that darkness for those around us.

One example comes from one of our volunteers – a group of senior saints who gather each month at our office to stuff newsletters. This grandmother, and great-grandmother (to 33 great grandchildren!), posted on her Facebook page urging Christians not to watch Glee as she gave example of the content of the show, quoting from one of our articles about Glee.

We urge you in addition to clicking on our “take action” alerts to contact advertisers, to also take action yourself by being salt and light to your family and friends.  It’s not always comfortable.  The easy way is to not speak up, not confront.  However, we all can see the results of following the path of least resistance.

Broad is the way that leads to destruction.

Click hereto send a message to the sponsors of Glee.

PLEASE share this important issue with friends.  Please consider posting this issue on your Facebook page.  Click here for the article then share with others.


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