One of the things that’s the hardest to understand about atrocities like the Holocaust or the Rwanda genocide or other ethnic “cleansing” atrocities is the question of how the ordinary, uninvolved citizen allowed it to happen. When your neighbors are being pulled into the streets and butchered or hauled off by police and never returning, how do you just go on with your life? It’s difficult to comprehend how those people just sat back and allowed it to happen when we are now part of one of the most civil societies known to man.

But maybe it’s not so hard to understand after all. According to a new Rasmussen poll, 54% of voters now call themselves pro-choice, while only 38% identify as pro-life.
So, that’s pretty depressing, huh? Sounds like those of us who see unborn babies as people are now in the minority.
Except we’re not. Rasmussen polled voters, but are you ready to be sick to your stomach? Gallup released a poll of the general public in May of this year stating that the pro-life position is actually more popular than the pro-choice position. By nine points, 50% to 41%.
That should even make pro-choicers sick. That means that millions of people who recognize  a yet- to-be-born baby as a person couldn’t be bothered to go draw a line on a piece of paper to possibly save those little people’s lives.
Once every four years we get an opportunity to elect leadership that finds dismembering babies to be heinous and put an end to the practice, but many of the people who recognize that that is occurring in America can’t be bothered even to vote.
Let’s look at those numbers for a second. The population of the USA today is 311 million, so if 50% of Americans are pro-life, that comes to about 155 million. And, according to the Center for the Study of the American Electorate, about 126 million out the 311 million Americans voted. 38% of the 126 million voters would equal roughly 48 million pro-life voters.
Now, Rasmussen‘s poll was of likely voters, not of actual voters and, of course, the 155 million pro-lifers in America are not all eligible voters. So there’s quite a bit of wiggle room to my math, but no matter how much it wiggles there’s no getting past the fact that tens of millions of pro-life Americans couldn’t turn out to vote to put an end to what they believe (and I agree) is killing babies. And many may have voted for the guy who whole-heartedly supports it.
Is it so easy to condemn the Germans who watched the Holocaust happen and did nothing when many Americans are doing the exact same thing now?

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