When People Choose Fantasy Over God’s Will By Dan Delzell , Special to CP

Posted: November 16, 2012 in The Christian Post
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In the Garden of Eden, Eve was seduced by a fantasy. “When the  woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye,  and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it.” (Genesis 3:6)  Her choice to pursue that fantasy rather than stick to God‘s will was a costly  error. Adam soon followed in his wife’s footsteps, and together, they learned  the difference between fantasy and reality.

God’s reality as revealed in His inerrant Word is the reality you should be  concerned about….rather than simply relying upon your current perception. It  is often said, “Perception is reality.” Well….perhaps to a certain extent that  is true….that is, until God’s reality bursts into your reality.

Many people today are living in a fantasy world of their own making. They  have seen some images online….or they have devised some grand scheme in their  mind….or they are living in the trance which an illicit relationship  produces….and they are charging ahead in pursuit of their fantasy. It drives  them. It energizes them. But if it is outside of God’s will for their life, it  is going no place good.

Fantasies are often fueled by the sinful desires which dwell within us as  human beings. These desires are longing to be satisfied. The more that these  desires take up residence in our heart, the harder it will be to say “No” to the  fantasy and “Yes” to God’s will.

Fantasy allows a person to escape to a make-believe reality. Your heart gets  transported to a world which seems like it would be so satisfying. When this  life isn’t going quite the way we envisioned it going, we are tempted to escape  to our fantasy world and indulge in thoughts about our dream. We assume that if  only we could achieve our fantasy, we would experience fulfillment.

But not every dream is pleasing to the Lord. Not every dream is about  something wholesome and noble. Sometimes our dreams and fantasies involve things  that God says are forbidden. At that point, we must decide whether or not to  continue in our dream world….or begin to fill our mind and heart once again with  God’s Word and God’s will for our life.

Your mind and your heart will be energized by something and by  someone….either by the Lord and things that please Him….or by your fantasy and  things that are outside of His will for your life. Adam and Eve were content  with what God had given them….until they allowed their hearts to consider the  forbidden fruit. Once tempted with the idea, they began to assume they could get  close to the fire of their fantasy without getting burned….but boy were they  ever wrong.

You and I are wrong too whenever we make that dangerous mistake in our mind.  When we think that we can find satisfaction outside of God’s will, we are only  kidding ourselves….and we are living in a dream world of our own making. We set  up this “thing” in our mind as being the ultimate experience….and we think we  must have it….even though deep down we know that our pursuit of it is only a  waste of time, energy, and resources.

Fantasies can easily become addictive once we give into them. There are many  kinds of addiction…and most of them will only lead us away from a close  relationship with the Lord. Those things will only consume us with our perceived  need to fulfill our fantasy and reach that “high.” Any momentary “high” will  soon be met with plenty of “lows” which are the byproduct of chasing a fantasy  that is outside of God’s will.

Sinful desires inside man prompts him to invest hundreds of hours chasing a  dream that will at best only give him a few minutes of pleasure. Man soon  becomes as addicted to the “chase” as to the few minutes of fleshly fulfillment.  It quickly becomes an obsession….and one that can never bring man to a place  of rest and inner joy.

The flesh drives us….while the Holy Spirit gently leads us. One approach  involves man hustling after sin….while the other involves a peaceful walk with  Christ who dwells in the heart of the believer through faith. Driven by the  flesh….or gently led by the Spirit. Your life cannot travel down both roads.  Those two paths are diametrically opposed to one another.

Are you chasing a fantasy which you know is not God’s will for your life?  What is it going to take for you to stop pursuing that thing which has heartache  written all over it? Now is the time to say “goodbye” to your fantasy…and  “hello” to God’s will for life. Why live in deception any longer? When has that  chase ever led you to a place of real peace and contentment?

God’s will gets lived out in the moment…in the reality of the “now.” Fantasy  exists in the realm of the “later.” We think that something is being offered to  us which actually does not exist….it only exists in our mind….and in our  dreams….but not in the real world…and certainly not in God’s reality. Eve’s  fantasy in her mind was never fulfilled…but only imagined and dreamed about  for a short time. That is the nature of a fantasy.

So then why do we continue to chase it? Simply put, we find ourselves  compelled to chase it once we have made the choice to give into the initial  temptation. It started out as a possibility…but now it is a pursuit. It went  from temptation to compulsion. It went from free will to a state of being  driven. Our free will at that point has become ensnared by the deceitfulness of  sin, and we now have subjected our “will” to that insatiable drive to make this  fantasy a reality in our life.

It didn’t work for Adam and Eve….and it won’t work any better for us. Any  pursuit outside of God’s will is doomed to fail….it is dead on arrival….but we  just don’t know it when we are living in a state of compulsion and in the mental  region of “fantasy land.” It’s like our feet lift off the ground and we seem  unable to bring them back down to earth….to that place of God’s reality.

Peace is found in God and in His will….not in our sinful fantasies. You and I  are not really any different than Adam and Eve in that sense. We have been  placed in a garden…and offered spiritual riches in this life, and eternal riches  in heaven that come only through faith in Christ. But there is another tree…and  a serpent with some enticing words for us. Fantasies are often born out of  listening to the wrong messengers or viewing the wrong images.

The solution? “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our  faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and  sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” (Hebrews 12:2) The mission  Jesus came to fulfill was not a fantasy….but rather, the greatest reality in  the history of the universe. There is nothing more real than the cross where  Jesus gave His life for your sins and mine.

Jesus came to earth and died on the cross as part of God’s reality. He came  to a bunch of people who were not pursuing Him, but instead, chasing their own  dreams and wishes. He came here to restore order in the soul of man…for anyone  who would surrender their fantasy life to the real world of His cross and  resurrection. Many today have a fantasy of Jesus which involves Him not being  the Savior of the world. Their fantasy will eventually come crashing down…either  by spiritual conversion to Christianity…or by their own physical death…or by the  Lord returning to earth before they die.

If you are ready to leave the virtual world of fantasy land, then I have some  good news for you. Soul satisfaction is right around the corner…you may not have  experienced it yet because you have been too busy with your fantasy, but that is  all about to change if you are ready to be serious about God’s reality.

So go ahead…step into His world…and His reality…and His grace…and just see  what God can do when you stop trying to meet the needs of your soul and heart  and mind with things that can never bring true satisfaction. Once you leave  those things in your past and start to get addicted to Jesus and His Word, you  will know the difference between “living by the Spirit” and “walking in the  flesh.” It’s the difference between night and day.

And besides, what have your fantasies ever been able to deliver to you  anyway? They have only provided big promises and sensational dreams…but little  results. If you stop and think about it, you will probably admit that the  “reality” of your fantasies has been very much like a mist that appears for  awhile and then vanishes. The more you chase it…the more elusive it becomes.  It’s really just a ghost…an apparition of your own wild imagination.

Such is the life of one who chooses fantasy over God’s will. It’s a chasing  after the wind…and we all know how hard it is to catch the wind.

I guess God really did know what He was talking about when He set those  boundaries in place for Adam and Eve. It’s almost like He designed men and women  to only be satisfied when we do things according to His will. Hmm. And here I  thought the whole universe revolved around me…or was that just another one of my  fantasies?



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