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One of the things that’s the hardest to understand about atrocities like the Holocaust or the Rwanda genocide or other ethnic “cleansing” atrocities is the question of how the ordinary, uninvolved citizen allowed it to happen. When your neighbors are being pulled into the streets and butchered or hauled off by police and never returning, how do you just go on with your life? It’s difficult to comprehend how those people just sat back and allowed it to happen when we are now part of one of the most civil societies known to man.

But maybe it’s not so hard to understand after all. According to a new Rasmussen poll, 54% of voters now call themselves pro-choice, while only 38% identify as pro-life.
So, that’s pretty depressing, huh? Sounds like those of us who see unborn babies as people are now in the minority.
Except we’re not. Rasmussen polled voters, but are you ready to be sick to your stomach? Gallup released a poll of the general public in May of this year stating that the pro-life position is actually more popular than the pro-choice position. By nine points, 50% to 41%.
That should even make pro-choicers sick. That means that millions of people who recognize  a yet- to-be-born baby as a person couldn’t be bothered to go draw a line on a piece of paper to possibly save those little people’s lives.
Once every four years we get an opportunity to elect leadership that finds dismembering babies to be heinous and put an end to the practice, but many of the people who recognize that that is occurring in America can’t be bothered even to vote.
Let’s look at those numbers for a second. The population of the USA today is 311 million, so if 50% of Americans are pro-life, that comes to about 155 million. And, according to the Center for the Study of the American Electorate, about 126 million out the 311 million Americans voted. 38% of the 126 million voters would equal roughly 48 million pro-life voters.
Now, Rasmussen‘s poll was of likely voters, not of actual voters and, of course, the 155 million pro-lifers in America are not all eligible voters. So there’s quite a bit of wiggle room to my math, but no matter how much it wiggles there’s no getting past the fact that tens of millions of pro-life Americans couldn’t turn out to vote to put an end to what they believe (and I agree) is killing babies. And many may have voted for the guy who whole-heartedly supports it.
Is it so easy to condemn the Germans who watched the Holocaust happen and did nothing when many Americans are doing the exact same thing now?

When asked whether favorable portrayals of gay characters on shows like “Glee,” “Modern Family” and “The New Normal”  had changed their views on gay “marriage,” twenty-seven percent of respondents—or over eighty percent of those whose views had changed—said that they were more in favor of gay “marriage.”

Says pollster John Penn, that’s due especially to the influx of young voters who grew up watching these shows.

“Views on gay marriage are totally defined by age,” says Penn. “Almost twice as many voters under 35 say these shows made them more in favor of gay marriage. . .”

Translation: The hearts and minds of Americans—especially our young people—are being changed when it comes to same-sex “marriage” and homosexual practice because of entertainment, not arguments.

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If every Sunday, in every pulpit, in every evangelical church across America, ministers would devote one minute—ONE MINUTE—to decrying the evil of abortion on demand, such universal solidarity within the ranks of Christian leadership would accomplish two things, maybe three.

First, it would dispel ambiguity and send a clear signal to every pew-sitting believer that this is a top-line priority with God, not a fine-print codicil, not “one more good thing that Christians ought to do when they have time.”

Second, it would foster unanimity amongst all believers—at least on this one all-important issue—and enable us together to render unto God what is God’s (i.e., sufficient advocacy at the ballot box to getRoe overturned) while at the same time rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s—which, don’t forget, includes the advice and consent of “the governed.”

And third, maybe, just maybe the voice of conscience would become less easily ignored by those outside the church and we would see abortion on demand outlawed, not only in America, but around the world—“overnight.”

But it’s a big “if.” After all, how many ministers can spare a whole minute?

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There’s a fascinating new report in WORLD Magazine about a phenomenon called “porn curriculum.” The term refers to explicit material that is making its way into America’s college and university classrooms. While the notion may seem too bizarre to be true, some experts claim that there is, indeed, an influx of pornography being integrated into secular professors’ curricula.

Earlier this year, TheBlaze did report about one anecdotal example — the allegation that Fresno State Public Health Professor Peggy Gish showed her students “Advanced Sexual Techniques, Volume One,” a video that touts sexually-explicit audio and video messaging. But according to WORLD, this isn’t an isolated incident.

The Christian magazine claims that, at New York University in New York City, New York, students have discussed pornographic comic books for a course called “Anthropology of the Unconscious.” At Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, too, students have delved into sexual topics for a class entitled, “Doing it, Getting it, Seeing it, Reading it.”

And not to outdo the other examples, but the WORLD report claims that a class at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, once offered a course called “Pornography: Writings of Prostitutes.” If the name of the class still leaves you with doubts about what’s covered, consider that students were asked to create their own pornographic work for their final projects. While the class isn’t currently listed on the college’s web site, past media coverage will provide you with an overview of content.

While these courses may seem bizarre, the idea behind them is that they allegedly help prepare students for a world in which they will encounter graphic art, ideas and other related phenomena. By exposing pupils to these ideas early on, the notion is that they are then better prepared to contend with them in the real world.

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Conservative Christians have taken a few tough blows in recent weeks.  Not the least of which was the narrow defeat of four state ballot issues to protect the normal (i.e. biblical) definition of marriage.  Yet while the Left gleefully celebrates their victories, such skirmishes are not the end of the war.  Those battles were heartbreakingly lost, but the war still rages.

We might not always win – but we are called to stand.  “Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”  (Ephesians 6:13)

There is no doubt the day is evil.  And while the tendency is to lick our wounds, there’s no reason for retreat – not when we’re clad with the armor of Almighty God.  So we will continue to stand against the pornification of our culture, against the assault against religious liberty, against the attack upon marriage, and the legitimization of homosexuality.

That means we won’t sit by when NBC’s attempts to convince America that gay marriage is “The New Normal.”

When the image of two men in bed intimately kissing is thrust upon viewers, as “The New Normal” did in their latest episode, we will continue to speak out and urge you to do the same.

Tuesday’s episode of “The New Normal,” with its push of the homosexual agenda, was sponsored by L.L Bean, Campbell’s Soup (V-8 juice), Geico, Burlington Coat Factory, The Clorox Company (Glad storage bags), Jared Jewelers, Maybelline, Toyota, Nissan, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Microsoft.

Take Action!  Click hereto send a message to the advertisers of NBC’s “The New Normal.”

We also urge you to forward this to your family and friends, asking them to stand with us as well.

I recently read an article by Rev. Mark Creech which I commend to you, “The Blue Jay and the Hawk.”

He writes in part:

… Sometimes God’s people find themselves in the grip of negative forces far superior to themselves. All hope may seemingly be lost – the end probable – no likely way to recover. It could be a health issue, financial problems, a failing marriage, a troubled or rebellious child, the demise of a dream, and the list goes on. It may be as it is for many conservative evangelicals, some Catholics, and many political activists who hoped to see a different result in this year’s election, but now fear a righteous cause has irreparably failed.

Whatever the situation, take a lesson from a Blue Jay in the talons of a Hawk. Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight – fight no matter how great your foe – fight no matter how hopeless the circumstances seem – fight with every spiritual weapon at your disposal and never give up. For you never know whether or when or how God plans to intercede to supply the blessing, the deliverance, or the victory you seek. One thing is for certain, if you surrender you will be the enemy’s lunch. …

“Fight, fight, fight” against the giants of today.  While the foe may seem overwhelming, we will put on that armor each day and will continue to stand in this evil day.  Will you join us?

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Glee – The systematic propagandizing of immoral lifestyles
Two gay lovers; a heterosexual turned lesbian; one transgender male who dresses and acts like a female – even using the ladies public restroom; and a token self-proclaimed “Christian” who berates, bullies, and manipulates those around her.

It sounds like the cast of one of the shows on HBO, FX, or one of the other cable networks we know are filled with salacious programming unfit for family viewing.

However these characters are from the cast of “Glee,” the wildly popular show on the FOX network which centers on a high school Glee club.  Interspersed with the often illicit song and dance numbers is the systematic propagandizing of viewers to accept and approve of immoral lifestyles such as those listed above, while condemning any moral, traditional viewpoint.

Advertisers include:  WalMart, Huggies diapers, Pepperidge Farms, JC Penney, Amazon, Best Buy, Procter & Gamble (Cover Girl makeup), AT&T, Microsoft, Nook, Honda, Subaru, and Walt Disney Pictures.

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In the most recent episode “Unique,” the self-named male transgender, cross-dressing student uses the ladies restroom and auditions for and is given a lead female part in the school musical.  The only protest comes from the conservative teacher Sue Sylvester.  The only thing is, Sue Sylvester is portrayed as incredibly vicious, cruel, and bigoted.  The TV audience is programmed to cheer for the cross-dressing transgender student and jeer at Sylvester and her “intolerant” machinations.   So the lesson to viewers is that anyone who opposes the promotion of LGBT lifestyles within the public schools must also be an intolerant bigot.  In other words, “don’t be like nasty Sue Sylvester – be “tolerant” and accepting of any and all lifestyles, no matter how perverse!

And while  most parents would be outraged about a male student using the girls’ restroom or locker room in their daughter’s high school – no matter how “gender-confused” he is – this is the path we are on today!

Yet this is what today’s youth are indoctrinated with.  One friend of this ministry who lives in our community stopped by our office recently.  He had read our article about Glee in one of our recent newsletters and was greatly concerned.  Sitting around a campfire with his grandson he discussed this troubling show and was grieved to learn his own grandson is a fan of Glee.

Sadly, the influence of the world has crept into many Christian families.  Oh for Christian moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers who will lovingly, yet boldly, speak out within their own families to oppose the lies that today’s youth are bombarded with.

How deep is the darkness, but how great is the light from just one small flame at dispelling that darkness for those around us.

One example comes from one of our volunteers – a group of senior saints who gather each month at our office to stuff newsletters. This grandmother, and great-grandmother (to 33 great grandchildren!), posted on her Facebook page urging Christians not to watch Glee as she gave example of the content of the show, quoting from one of our articles about Glee.

We urge you in addition to clicking on our “take action” alerts to contact advertisers, to also take action yourself by being salt and light to your family and friends.  It’s not always comfortable.  The easy way is to not speak up, not confront.  However, we all can see the results of following the path of least resistance.

Broad is the way that leads to destruction.

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PLEASE share this important issue with friends.  Please consider posting this issue on your Facebook page.  Click here for the article then share with others.

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I’m revisiting an email that I sent on October 23 just after the third and last presidential debate. It was important then. It’s importance has been heightened as you will see. If you haven’t availed yourself to the online video and to the other recommended urls, I urge you to do so.
Revisiting below:
Many of you watched last night’s debate that was supposed to be on foreign policy. Though it was sort of – it seemed that both President Obama and Governor Romney didn’t want to get too deep in to it. For various reasons I’m sure.
The President wanted to avoid it because the Mideast is a disaster and in chaos in so many parts of the world: Libya, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc..
Then, of course, there is the President’s desire to avoid discussing his immense failure in regard to protecting his Libyan ambassador and his colleagues. Four were brutally killed in a planned terrorist attack.
Governor Romney seemed to largely want to avoid discussing Libya, Benghazi, etc.
This past weekend American Decency Association (ADA) hosted a conference at the Grand Rapids Hilton featuring two nationally noted experts on the subject of Shariah law.
In today’s email I want to draw special attention to our first speaker. His name is Frank Gaffney. Gaffney is the President of the Center for Security Policy based in Washington, DC.
Today we have placed on our website his message from the well-attended Saturday morning conference. As one attendant said, “I looked over the audience and it was literally ‘jaw dropping’.” These folks were hearing concerning information they had never ever heard before. They knew they were hearing a credible man with incredibly concerning information that one seldom hears about.
We have placed on our website under the video section simply entitled “Frank Gaffney.” In Gaffney’s presentation, he documents how our country’s very security is being threatened by insiders who have made their way into the highest levels of our government in the various branches right up to the White House.
The video gives names and pictures and shows how even the Pentagon and our military have systematically eliminated trainings and teachings of our military that would assist them (and us) in keeping the Muslim Brotherhood from infiltrating our ranks and thereby keep them from influencing our most sensitive security grids.

Our website is: Go to video and click on “Frank Gaffney’s Presentation on Political Islam .”

Other resources that flow from this significant event include Gaffney’s book published by Center for Security Policy Press.
You can order it online at our store at:
If you would prefer to watch Gaffney’s one hour message via DVD, it can be ordered online at the link above.
In addition, I give you my strongest recommendation to watch Frank Gaffney’s highly acclaimed training series on the Muslim Brotherhood in America. This website got me up to speed very quickly regarding the serious threat of Shariah that is advancing silently but surely.   I urge you to watch it. You need to understand what Gaffney provides on this well done site.
To any of you that live within the greater Grand Rapids area, we are featuring the Gaffney presentation at our headquarters tomorrow (Friday, November 9) at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm!!   It’s free of charge.
To those of you who have the ability to download informational programs on your cell phone, computer, or mp3 player, I encourage you to download Frank Gaffney’s daily radio program at: